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pippa moon studio

307 main street

cedar falls, Iowa

Tel - 319.830.7979


I come from a family of collectors. Not an empty space on any bookshelf, the walls of my home were a living gallery, inspiring countless enriching conversations with those that passed through. Collecting fossils and seed pods became pages torn out of art magazines that evolved into meticulous labeling and displaying system in my childhood room. Being homeschooled through a Waldorf inspired private education, I spent my tween years living in Bloomington, Indiana devouring books, volunteering at an animal shelter, being a candy striper at the local hospital and feeling soul deep support of my homeschool group made of hippies and gypsies of the bohemian varity. Living in a university town, I had friends from many different countries and quickly became fascinated with the unique art that hung on the walls and the different customs, such as simply taking your shoes off before you enter the house or eating dinner on the floor with my hands. I became intrigued with learning about cultures unfamiliar to me and have actively sought out experiences to be the outsider. We left Bloomington piled into an RV to travel across the country for three years. Being on the road fueled my love of cultural exploration. I also discovered I had an eye for photography and documentation. By the time I was 14 we landed in Idyllwild, California at a private boarding arts academy where I began my professional fine art training - curating gallery shows, organizing exhibitions, and hanging original artwork. From there I was accepted to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As I began to develop and cultivate my style as a professional artist, an obsessive process emerged: I would identify a thread of interest, bury myself in books and research, locate similar artists styles, write and dream of it, see it clear as day and realize I had no other way of expressing beyond staged performative happenings that I would photograph as fact. I loved the viewer's question of “Did this really happen?” Photography became a means to create a version that had only ever existed inside me. Is this the truth, is it true, is this real? I left Chicago to work in Appalachia with a non-profit community based arts organization, Appalshop located in Whitesburg, Kentucky. I learned the power of a grassroots approach to bringing art into the dialoguw of the community and why it can be empowering and cathartic to our universal human experiance, not just the experience of ONE culture. Being mindful of self-taught folk artists and of hand made craft, where art has a real life function, I began to question “what does art even mean?” Art can be a genuine catalyst and what is most powerful to me is how images and art objects reach people on a cellular level in ways that “intellectual” conversation simply can’t because of the restricitive limitations on everyday words. When I made my way beack to Los Angeles, I met Rachel Rosenthal who became my mentor and taught me that art can make a difference on a daily basis, art can alter the course of someone’s life, art is the greatest conduit between all of us, the universal connection. Instead of being the person who provides the answers, I want to be the person that leads you to the question. Why does art make us better. (?)